Challenging the urban grid – Performative Panel Discussion/Artists Talk

Artists Talk with performative panel discussion at 805 Peachtree Street tomorrow, Thursday Oct 8 at 7pm as part of AIA UrbanFronts storefront exhibition. “Challenging the Urban Grid” is a response to public space discourse that explores the in-between narratives that often go unnoticed in our cities – raising questions of equity, spatial and justice/social justice. Panelists: Gernot Reither, Urban Blanket; Mine Hashas-Urban Lab; Arief Seitawan, Maurice Kent, Christina Shivers and more ..challenging grid


Please come to Parking Day Midtown where architecture students from Professor Zamila Karimi’s studio will be creating a fun filled interactive public space with colorful modular furniture adorned with acrylic trees within pallet planters. Audience will be able to transfrom the metered parking spaces temporarily into mosaic patterns during PARK(ing) Day on Friday, September 18th from 11am to 1:30pm


Source: P(ARC) HIGH